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Human Settlements Minister, Mmamokolo Kubayi recently visited Eastern Cape province in a two-day Ministerial Visit to meet with the Department of Human Settlements, BCMM top brass in and to assess the delivery of sustainable and intergraded human settlements and to also make sure that province meets its target for the 2021/2022 financial year.
This visit was comprised of the Deputy Minister Pam Tshwete, MEC Nonceba  Kontsiwe, HOD Tabisa Poswa Buffalo City Executive Mayor Cllr Xola Pakati, and Director General Mbulelo Tshangana.
MEC Kontsiwe, welcomed Minister Kubayi and her delegation to the province and highlighted the challenges that the department encounters in service delivery.
Ministers visit five (5) projects in the province including in Duncan Village, visiting the Redevelopment Initiative (DVRI) which is in line with the National Upgrading Informal Settlements Programme (UISP) and Mtsotso Transitional Residential Units both in Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality, Komga 570 BNG housing project in Great Kie Local Municipality and Mzamomhle 540 housing project which is under Departmental Housing Subsidy System and Potsdam 500 housing project in Amathole District Municipality.
In her visits, Hon Kubayi encourage the human settlement sector in the province to work as a team, continually engage on issues that the province is facing to complete service delivery.
“As we’re dealing with human settlements, we also deal with unemployment, inequality and corruption. We need to highlight the challenges that we face as Human Settlements and work as a team to plan how we will archive our mandate of human settlements.
We need to work as a team, I mean we need to put aside our positions and government protocols to formulate a winning team spirit in human settlements service delivery,” said Minister Kubayi.

Human Settlements Minister, Mmamoloko Kuboyi and departmental top brass during ministerial visit in Eastern Cape province