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Assistance to destitute and other vulnerable Groups


Who is the destitute person ?

A destitute individual is one who has lost his/her productive capacity and is unable to engage in economic activities and has no shelter or close family members that can assist him/her.

This definition can be further defended in terms of the following:

• An individual who has lost his productive capability such that he/she cannot plough the land he/ she owns due to ill health arising from natural illness, serious accidental injury and/or paralysis and has no shelter or close family members that can assist him/ her.

• An individual who is experiencing hardship due to loss of employment, income and the resultant loss of shelter through repossession by any financial institution.

• An individual who is physically or mentally incapable of working due to old age, physical or mental impairment and has no shelter and no family to assist him/her.

• A minor, or children whose parent (s) has/have died as a result of HIV/Aids or a minor whose been deserted by either the father/mother.

• An individual who has been rendered homeless due to fire, floods or any other natural disaster, social upheaval (violence) or temporary hardship.

To qualify one must:

  1. Be South African citizen or hold of a permanent residence permit.
  2. Be 18 years and older.
  3. Be married or habitually cohabit.
  4. Be single and have financial dependents constantly living with you.
  5. Single people without financial dependents, such as the aged, people with disabilities and military veterans may be assisted.
  6. Must earn 0-R 3500.
  7. Not owned a house in the past.


  1. A green Bar Identity Document or Identity Card.
  2. If married, a spouse ID book is needed + marriage certificate.
  3. Birth certificate of children and identity document of your dependents.
  4. Proof of income.
  5. Death certificate, if spouse died.
  6. Divorce decree, if divorced.