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Rural Subsidy : Communal Land Rights

Rural Housing

  This subsidy is available to beneficiaries who only enjoy communal tenure rights to the land they occupy. This land is normally in rural areas and belongs to the state and is governed by traditional authorities.
The subsidies are only available on a project basis and beneficiaries are supported by implementing agents. Beneficiaries also have the right to decide on the design of their houses and the whole package of the subsidy consists of 40 m², 45m² and 50 m² (normal, disabled and military veterans) with a water tank an ventilated Pit Latrine (VIP) toilet as partial services.



To qualify one must:

  1. Be South African citizen or hold of a permanent residence permit.
  2. Be 18 years and older.
  3. Be married or habitually cohabit.
  4. Be single and have financial dependents constantly living with you.
  5. Single people without financial dependents, such as the aged, people with disabilities and military veterans are also assisted.
  6. Must earn 0-R 3500
  7. Not owned a house in the past.


  1. A green Bar Identity Document or Identity Card.
  2. If married, a spouse ID book is needed + marriage certificate.
  3. Birth certificate of children and identity document of your dependants.
  4. Proof of income.
  5. Death certificate, if spouse died.
  6. Divorce decree, if divorced.