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A post of an elderly woman seated hopelessly on top of her bed, in what looked like a worn-out shack with stone sized holes was doing rounds trending on social media platforms. Social media users were pleading intervention to make better the life of the woman in the pictures by providing her with shelter.

When viewing these kinds of posts on social media platforms, one would have plenty robust thoughts and questions like, why is the Department of Human Settlements not doing anything when the clearly state that one of the pressing priorities when building and allocating houses is the elderly, destitute and vulnerable groups.

The plight of 60-year-old Nontombi Gwavu was brought to the attention of the Department and immediate assistance was given to her for a permanent solution. She was living with her five children and one grandchild in a shack that is dilapidated and posed a threat to her health and safety.

The dignity of a wheelchair bound woman in Kwelerha under Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality (BCMM) was restored when MEC, Siphokazi Lusithi handed over this enhanced government subsidy house. While handing over the house, MEC said that she applauds the rapid response for Mama Gwavu’s plea. “When all spheres of government together with our communities work, we can achieve more in service delivery. As government, we were able to move with speed because we work together.” MEC added

The house was built through the destitute and vulnerable groups programme, which prioritises the most vulnerable in society including, the elderly, disabled, child headed families and military veterans.  Mama Gwavu could not hold back her tears as she was entering her beautiful house for the first time. “This feels like a dream, I am happy that tonight I will not be worried about rain coming inside my house while I’m asleep” said mama Gwavu as she was entering her fully furnished house for the first time.

The house was built with special features in line with the guidelines for beneficiaries faced with disability. It is bigger in size, at 45sqm, it has ramps to assist her with movement and for easy accessandan inside toilet with a septic tank and a bathroom. herHer new home that will immensely improve her and her family’s living conditions for the better.

It is very crucial for the public and civil servants to understand that there is a criteria that determines approval and government processes. However, there are many ways that one can assist in their corners in their communities to assist government in prompt and effective service delivery. Government spheres working together fast tracks these processes.